Can you say that again?

I always like to point out that it isn’t methodologies that succeed or fail, it’s teams that succeed or fail. Taking on a process can help a team raise its game, but in the end it’s the team that matters and carries the responsibility to do what works for them.


Teams that fail will probably fail whatever methodology they mis-apply, teams that succeed will build their practices on good ideas …

Source: FlaccidScrum by Martin Fowler

Today, over lunch, this subject was mentioned midst a lively talk about how some people can be so completely focused on processes that they completely miss the bigger picture and now a link to this, somewhat old, bliki entry surfaced on my Twitter feed so I felt compelled to spread the word in any way I can.

You should forward this to all those pointy-haired managers out there who don’t read my blog (which is justifiable), but seem to also not know about Martin Fowler (for which there is no excuse).


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