A Different Kind of Assembly Hell

An assembly is first and foremost a deployment unit, they should normally be used to group code that works together and is deployed together or putting it the other way around, they are used to split code that may not be deployed together.

There are reasons to split code between multiple assemblies even if you intend to deploy them together but these are exceptions to the rule. I would see independent versioning requirements as one possible exceptional reason.

What you really shouldn’t do is create assemblies just for the sake of splitting your code for cosmetic reasons. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t organize your code, just saying there are better tools for that job. In this case, that would be namespaces alongside project folders and while on the subject of namespaces, another thing that really does not make any sense is to try to have a single namespace per assembly. If you’re down that path, take a step back cause you’re doing it wrong…

I saw, more than one time, .NET solutions suffer from this assembly explosion and quickly escalating to the hundreds of assemblies for something that it sure as hell wasn’t that complex and where 80% of the assemblies end up being deployed together due to a high level of dependencies.

However, you also need to avoid doing the opposite and cram everything in a single assembly. As pretty much everything in software development the correct answer depends on many things specific to the scenario at hand.

Be conscious of your decisions and why you make them.


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