VSTO Troubleshooting Quick Tips

If you ever find yourself troubleshooting a VSTO addin that does not load then these steps will interest you.

  1. Do not skip the basics and check the registry at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\<Application>\AddIns\<AddInName> or HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\<Product>\AddIns\<Application> because if the LoadBehavior key is not set to 3 the office application will not even try to load it on startup;
  2. Enable error alerts popups by configuring an environment variable
  3. Enable logging errors to file by configuring an environment variable
  4. Pray for an error alert popup or for an error in the log file so that you can fix its cause.



2 thoughts on “VSTO Troubleshooting Quick Tips”

    1. Indeed, I know what you mean, VSTO debugging can be painful, that’s why I start step 4 with a bit of praying to the VSTO gods, but sometimes they just don’t listen. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had the need to work with VSTO in the last year so I don’t have any more tips.

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