VS 2010 SP1 BETA – App.config XML Transformation Fix

The current version for App.config XML tranformations as described in a previous post does not support the SP1 BETA version of Visual Studio. I did some quick tests and decided to provide a different version with a compatibility fix for those already experimenting with the beta release of the service pack.

This is a quick workaround to the build errors I found when using the transformations in SP1 beta and is pretty much untested since I’ll wait for the final release of the service pack to take a closer look to any possible problems.

But for now, those that already installed SP1 beta can use the following transformations:

VS 2010 SP1 BETA – App.config XML Transformation

And those with the RTM release of Visual Studio can continue to use the original version of the transformations available from:

VS 2010 RTM – App.config XML Transformation


13 thoughts on “VS 2010 SP1 BETA – App.config XML Transformation Fix”

    1. Yes, as soon as I have some time to install the SP1 RTM I’ll verify the problems and try to release a compatible version as soon as possible.

      1. So, this one doesn’t work with the release version of SP1, only with the beta version?

      2. Not exactly, it probably should work with the final release of VS SP1, but I still haven’t tested it on that version so that’s the reason is labeled for VS SP1 BETA.

      3. I just installed the SP1 final relase and did a quick test with the new transformation file, and it seems to be working fine!

  1. Hi Joao, to install your workaround on VS2010 SP1 have not issue. I see the transformation and I got what I expected on the manifest file. it’s great! However, the library created, dll, is showing the data before the transformation. Did I lost any step?

    Basically, I am using the transform=”replace” the value of one setting on . Just an URL from development to Stage environment. As I said, the transformation can be seeing on the manifest.

    Please if you can give some clues I will really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance

    1. If I understood you correctly you are applying the transformation targets in a Class Library project, am I correct? Well, I never tested this particular scenario, but as soon as you confirm that this is what you are doing I can try to reproduce the issue and see what’s going on.

      1. Thanks a lot for your prompted response! and you got right, I am apply the transformation targets in Class library project.

      2. More details regarding the transformation targets used. On app.config, at appsetting I am changing an URL from Development to Stage environment. As I stated before the manifest shows the replace occured, but the dll contains the development URL.


  2. Hi João,

    Desculpa incomodá-lo, voce teve alguma oportunidade de verificar o cenário usando “Class Library”? Estamos precisando e muito.

    Atencipadamente obrigado

  3. Just to inform you that this version works with the release version of SP1 and also seem to work with the non-SP1 version of VS2010

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