MS Project 2007 – Project Open Event with VSTO 3.0

Recently I got my self into a situation where I needed to develop a MS Project add-in using VSTO, but the fun doesn’t stop here. Also included in the package was the migration of some VB macros to the freshly developed add-in.

Because of this code migration I needed to perform some actions when opening a project file but I could not find an event handler at the application (add-in) level.

So here is how I ended up implementing it:

private void ThisAddIn_Startup(object sender, EventArgs e)
    this.Application.NewProject += 
        new MSProject._EProjectApp2_NewProjectEventHandler(

private void Application_NewProject(MSProject.Project pj)
    pj.Open += new MSProject._EProjectDoc_OpenEventHandler(

private void Project_Open(MSProject.Project pj)
    string message;
    message = String.Format("Opened project {0}.", pj.Name);


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