One adjective to rule them all


  1. Being an exception; uncommon.
  2. Well above average; extraordinary.
  3. Deviating widely from a norm.
  4. Strange.
  5. Anomalous.

In the last couple of months the idea of creating a blog crossed my mind several times and now I’m finally doing it just because today I found a name that sounds nice, has a cool twist and is also suitable for what this blog will be about.

And what exactly is this blog about? Yes, you guessed it, it’s about code (mostly .NET).  The reason behind this adventure is a mix between giving something back to the community and the feeling that this is something that will really ease my evolution as a developer.

Finally, as a disclaimer, I’ll be aiming for definition number two but this blog will probably contain entries that will pretty much encompass all the above definitions for exceptional.


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